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Why do you need a Cana-Vac Central Vacuum System?

learn more about the benefits of installing a Cana-Vac central vacuum system

Choosing a central vacuum system in 3 easy steps:

Cana-Vac Signature™ – The Premium central vacuum unit

The right accessories for your lifestyle

Installation accessories

Bacteria Free – A central vacuum system with outdoor exhaust removes 100% of all viruses, pollens, and bacteria and expels them safely out of your home.
5x the power – With up to five times the power of a conventional vacuum cleaner, a Cana-Vac central vacuum system will help keep your carpets looking newer.
Reduces allergy symptoms – According to a clinical study at the University of California at Davis, a central vacuum system reduces allergy symptoms by as much as 61%.
Economical Investment – Unlike a canister vacuum, a central vacuum system is an economical investment in the resale value of your home whether it’s newer or older.

House project example – 212m²

Ground floor (111m²)
living room & open kitchen, bathroom, garage, mechanical room

1st floor (101m²)
3 rooms, 1 bathroom, 1 hall.


Cana-Vac central vacuum installation
1 central vacuum Cana-Vac CLS-299
14 linear meters of pipes and fittings
5 inlets
Total cost: 1.369 €

Why a Central Vacuum System?


  • the HEPA filters used by Cana-Vac retain even the smallest particles, with an efficiency of 99.97% for 0.3 micron particles (dust, allergens, viruses, bacteria, pollens, etc.)
  • according to a clinical study at the University of California at Davis, a central vacuum system reduces allergy symptoms by as much as 61%
  • all the vacuumed dust, allergens, viruses, bacteria, pollens and odorous particles are eliminated outside the vacuumed areas, the only cleaning solution that eliminates with 100% efficiency all the vacuumed particles
  • Central vacuum inlets are protected with a spring-loaded door and low-voltage pins with only 24V


  • vacuum noises reduced to air hissing (the central vacuum unit will be mounted in mechanical rooms, storage areas, garage, etc.)
  • cleaning can be done without disturbing the children or other family members that are resting


  • up to 5 times more efficient than canister vacuums
  • powerful motors that can’t be fitted in conventional vacuum cleaners
  • the right accessories for any type of surfaces

Easy to use

  • no mode dragging the vacuum cleaner and no more scratching the furniture
  • connect your favorite attachment to the hose and the hose to the inlet
  • the system starts automatically or with an easy push of the button on the hose handle
  • strategically places inlets allow the hose to reach all buildings areas
  • you will empty the canister only 2 to 3 times a year
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